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Eureka Mignon Review – The Daily Grind

Updated 20-06-2021 – Dan Alvazrez

The Eureka Mignon coffee grinders are a series of different grinders made by the same company. They are well known and offer a wide variety of espresso grinders. We tested the Eureka Mignon Brew Pro and Eureka Mignon Specialita for a couple of days and had a really good time making espresso with those units. We’ll be primarily talking about these two models of the Eureka Mignon but also about other models that are relatively similar to each other. For transparency purposes, I didn’t try out the other models because there are around 6 and one is a Germany exclusive. However, after trying two models of the grinders, the Eureka Mignon review is going to be a straightforward affair.

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The Eureka Mignon grinders are not inexpensive, even though they are termed as entry-level, they still come around £180- 400 price point. Of course this all depends on the model you’re getting, but they are at the higher end of the entry-level, so to speak. There are 5 different models of the Eureka Mignon, and they share quite a few things between them. They all come at a different price point and have different features that set them apart from each other, but there are a few things that they all have in common:


Eureka Mignon Major Features

  • All the Eureka Mignon have hardened steel flat burrs.
  • They have a 300 g bean hopper which is quite spacious.
  • All the models come with ACE anti-clumping system, ACE stands for Anti-Clumps And electrostaticity
  • Fast maintenance as the burr holder can be dismantled just by 9 screws
  • There is a patented Stepless Micro Metric Regulation System that comes with infinite adjustment points. This system allows easy maintenance without you losing the groin settings, it is a unique grind adjustment system that affects the lower burrs.

Specialita – Comes with 55 mm burrs and has LCD

Silenzio – Comes with 50 mm burrs, lower noise, and no LCD

Perfetto – Comes with 50 mm burrs and has a wider grinding range

Filtro – Comes with 55 mm burrs but are designed with a filter at the centre

Brew Pro – Comes with 55 mm burrs, geared towards filter and has an LCD

Now that we have got the basic differences between the models out of the way, we can further discuss how well the Eureka Mignon performs and whether it is made for you or not. This review is basically going to tackle all the models in their unique aspects by comparing them to their siblings. This way you’ll have a clearer picture of which Eureka Mignon espresso grinder will be perfect for your personal usage.

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Eureka Mignon Review

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Let’s start with what I consider the top models on offer by Eureka; The Silenzio and Specialita. If you’re looking for a Eureka Mignon espresso grinder, chances are you are already torn between these two models. On one hand you really fancy the LCD screen but also on the other you’re wondering whether it is worth paying the almost £70 extra for that.


Eureka Mignon Specialita and Silenzio

I’ve used the Eureka Mignon Specialita for a couple of days in the office, and I’ve also tried out the Silenzio at a friend’s place (granted it was only for 2 grinds), and from what I gather the Silenzio runs a bit quieter than its fancier sibling. There are a few visual differences between the two models as well where the Silenzio has chrome and the Specialita has chrome as well as aged copper. I’ll be honest, I really fancy the aged copper look of the Specialita and if we are going on looks alone, I recommend that, but that’s just my lizard brain talking.

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The Silenzio is quieter thanks to its slightly smaller burrs. You might be thinking that the Specialita must be a raging monster during the writing process however, that is absolutely not the case. Personally, I don’t think that the Specialita is that loud and sounds pretty normal for a good quality espresso grinder.

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The specialita has 55 mm burrs instead of 50 ones found on the Silenzio. This in theory should offer better grind consistency, at least on paper. However, in my experience I was unable to identify the differences between the two grinds. Maybe if I have the samples side-by-side I’d be able to better gauge the differences but to me both of them performed equally well, and I was unable to identify any taste differences either. However, the larger burr does result in a faster grinding time so if time is of importance to you, then the Eureka Mignon Specialita should be the better choice.

The LCD on the Specialita is honestly a great addition. It has two programmable timed options and a continuous one. This makes the fancier model a lot more convenient to use. However, convenience is something a lot of people consider while purchasing any device, and I’d be lying that the LCD didn’t add to the experience.

So, are the bigger burrs, the aged copper look, and an LCD screen enough to warrant a bit of extra cash? Personally, I would go for it simply because I really love the look of the Specialita. It is kind of the difference between the standard iPhone and the iPhone Pro Max, it adds a bit of pizazz to the already great package. At the end of the day, the decision is yours but if you’re worried about the performance differences, there is not a lot to talk about here, both of them performed admirably well. The Eureka Mignon Silenzio is a bit quieter and a little slower and that’s about it when it comes to performance differences.

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Eureka Mignon Brew Pro and Filtro

The Eureka Mignon Brew Pro and the Eureka Mignon Filtro are both brothers just like the Silenzio and Specialita. They also have a similar difference pattern when it comes to performance and usage. The Brew pro comes with 55 mm burrs while the Filtro comes with only 50 mm burrs. There is also an LCD screen on the Brew Pro.

The Filtro is also slightly less powerful coming in only 260 W versus the 310 W of the Brew Pro.

You might be thinking why would anyone buy the Eureka Mignon Filtro then? Well, the price is the main selling point here. The Filtro is around £189 while the Brew Pro is usually around £389. That’s a hefty sum of money, especially when you compare the performance difference between the two models. The LCD on the Brew Pro is highly convenient and the actual power does allow the espresso grinder to be more efficient and faster. The larger burr on the Brew Pro is also a good advantage but the question is whether it is worth the 200 pound difference or not for you. Personally, I’d say that you go with the Filtro if you don’t require the extra features, you’d save a large chunk of money that can go towards another espresso machine.


Eureka Mignon Crono

The Eureka Mignon Crono has a flat 50 mm burr grinder that is made out of hardened steel. As the name suggests, the Crono is a timer based espresso grinder. It has the same grind quality as other Eureka Mignon grinders, but it is timer based only. I haven’t tested it out myself and the shops I frequent didn’t have it in stock so cannot say a lot about this one. I like to be a bit more hands on before I pass any judgment, so it wouldn’t be fair of me to recommend this without testing it out, hopefully soon I’ll get to see it myself and update this article. Until then, I have the usual Eureka Mignon reliability to count on because all of their espresso grinders I tested were amazing in terms of quality, so I have no reason to believe the Eureka Mignon Crone would be any different.

Eureka Mignon Review Image 3

Eureka Mignon Review – The Specialita Case

All the models in the Eureka Mignon catalogue share quite a lot of features with each other. I however, tested the Specialita and Brew Pro models and so this review will be heavily based on both of those. But to say that the other models are not similar would be untrue, they share quite a lot between them and all of them are of high quality. So for the sake of this review, I’m just going to lump them all together. At the end of the day all the Eureka Mignon grinders are of superb quality and differ in prices and a few dedicated features.

The Eureka Mignon Specialita was loaned to us by a local shop, they already had this unit on display and at some point the shop owner did use it for coffee grinding. We had it in the office for quite a few days, and we thoroughly tried it out for our personal espresso consumption. The very first thing you’ll notice about the Eureka Mignon is how well-designed it is. It is a sturdy and solidly built device, but it is surprisingly hefty despite having a small footprint. The photos on the website don’t do justice to how compact the coffee grinder actually is, so I have absolutely no doubts that you will be able to place it on your kitchen counter easily. Even if you have less clearing on the counter due to cupboards, the Eureka Mignon will easily be able to fit inside and still leave room for you to pour in coffee beans.

When speaking about the looks, the Eureka Mignon is a beautiful looking device. The stainless steel body gives it a premium aura.


The Grounds

Eureka Mignon custom image 5

The coffee grounds in their quality is the reason why you are looking to invest in a good coffee grinder. It wouldn’t make any sense to buy a coffee grinder that is expensive and doesn’t provide you with fluffy and clump-less grind quality. Thankfully, the Eureka Mignon is capable of producing amazing quality fluffy coffee grind that is free of clumps. It did that time and time again, and I was really impressed by how easy the coffee grounds were to manage. During my research, I found out that some users had trouble with the new machines that were reducing grind quality by initially clumping the grounds. But after a few grinds, that complaint went away, so I suggest that you give it a few runs before worrying about the clumps.

Eureka Mignon Review Image 4

Noise Performance

All the Eureka Mignon grinders are a lot quieter than I expected. The two units I tested were quiet as well. The company claims that the Silenzio is going to be the quietest one of the bunch, but I didn’t see (technically hear) any big difference between that one and the one I was using. If you’re worried about waking up your partner in the morning with your coffee grinding shenanigans, don’t be unless your partner is sleeping in the kitchen, then you should be worried about their sleeping habits.


What Is Grind Retention?

Grinder retention is the amount of coffee that remains after each time you grind. This coffee ends up being inside the portafilter the next time you use it. Basically the more retention a grinder has, the more coffee you’ll have to discard from the grinder when you are adjusting the grind size. The coffee also needs to be purged before using the grinder after a long period of time. For daily day-to-day usage, if you’re making one cup after another, there is no need to purge the ground coffee simply because it is always going to be fresh. However, if you are going to make a morning cup and then go back again in the afternoon, in order to ensure you get a good grind quality, you’ll need to purge some. That is basically old grounds that are still being retained by the grinder.

The Eureka Mignon on the other hand have very small retention. Experts at the Clive Coffee Retention Comparison Experiment found only 1.3 g were retained by Eureka Mignon Specialita. Overall speaking, the grinder retention on the Eureka Mignon grinders is way lower than the competition and shouldn’t be a problem.


Is the Eureka Mignon A Good Grinder?

This is a question that is frequently asked by a lot of people and the short answer is that yes the Eureka Mignon is a good grinder. There are several models in the catalogue, and they all have their different and unique strengths. The Silenzio and Specialita both are great espresso grinders, but they can also grind for filters as well. In short, you’ll need to find the right grinder for the kind of grinding you want to do and the Eureka Mignon has dedicated grinders for filters as well as espresso.

My experience with the Eureka Mignon grinders has been overwhelmingly positive. From the design to their fluffy and clump-free grind quality, the Eureka grinders are consistent performers. The LCD screen on some models is a great convenience and while I don’t like screens and everything, I love the addition here. That’s not to say that the other models are not as easy to use because they are, the LCD screen further adds another dimension of convenience to the already great user experience.

Eureka Mignon Review Image 5

Eureka Mignon Review – Parting Words

In conclusion, the whole range of Eureka Mignon Review grinders is excellent, especially for the price that they are going. There is a reason why they are at the top of every coffee grinder list and always get raving reviews from not only critics but also real users as well. They are well-made, most of them have stainless steel bodies which are sturdy, they are designed with precision and convenience in mind, and most of all, they provide good quality coffee grounds. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the praise they get is well-deserved, even after a couple of days of consistent grinding, I was hard-pressed to find anything negative about these machines.

Another good reason to purchase a Eureka Mignon grinder is that they retain their value really well. A simple look at the used market will tell you that they are selling for quite a lot, especially when you consider other grinders that lose their initial value almost immediately. I’m going to compare the Eureka Mignon with Apple again here because the comparisons are just too strikingly similar to ignore. Just like a premium Apple laptop, the Eureka Mignon grinders are going to sell easily if you ever decide to upgrade. Long story short, this is a big investment for a lot of people, even espresso enthusiasts so at least you don’t have to worry about the device losing its value fast even if you decide to sell it later on.

After using the Eureka Mignon coffee grinders, I got a bit spoiled, and now I only want grinders with LCD screens. Unfortunately, we had to return the units back to the shop and go back to our trusty and well-used coffee grinder. However, I will always have fond memories of the fluffy and clump-less coffee grind quality the Eureka machines produced.

If you have the means and the budget, and you are looking for a good quality grinder for espresso that is going to last you quite some time, then the Eureka Mignon series is one of the best places to start looking for one. Are there cheaper coffee grinders available? Of course, there is a whole variety of different coffee grinders available that are priced way below the Eureka models. However, what you’re paying for is consistency, quality, fluffiness, and no clumps and this is what makes the Eureka Mignon coffee grinders a treat to use.

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