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Hi there, I’m Dan Alvarez. Yes, my name is just Dan, not Danathan or Danthony and especially not Danosaur. If you know me from school, please stop calling me that, I’m a 33 year old adult with a serious grown-up job!

I even own several dress shoes now. 

I’m a simple guy that loves coffee. Furthermore, I drink coffee every day, and sometimes when I’m feeling adventurous, even at night. I don’t have any formal education when it comes to coffee, however, I did do a barista course. I highly recommend a simple course if you are interested in making your own coffee at home. 

Apart from a wide assortment of coffee-related products, that also spill into my living room, I have a cat named Snake. Yes, that’s a reference to a video game as I happen to be, as they say, a giant nerd. 

We also have a small office where three people, apart from me, work. As this section is about “us” and not about “me”, I thought it would be nice to mention them. The guy I love is our kind editor and the guy I don’t love is the product acquisition manager (not even sure if it’s a real designation, or he just made it up to sound cool). Despite me always requesting funky colours, he gets the dullest black ones. The worst part? Doesn’t even allow me to take all of them home. 

My taste in coffee is just like my taste in music. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m in the mood for smooth jazz, sometimes I need a kick with rock music. Similarly, sometimes I want to have lattes, and sometimes just plain black coffee. And sometimes, like in true British fashion, I just want tea. 

I love coffee, I love its smell, I love making it, I love drinking it. And I get to help people choose some amazing coffee products all the while drinking coffee on company time. It can’t get any better than this. 

That’s all for now, if you want to talk about coffee, movies, video games, technology, or even cats, feel free to contact “Us”.